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ABOUT New Lanstone

We got introduced to Miniature Schnauzers about 15 years ago when we worked on a harvest crew in America. Traveling across the whole of America, where our employer had a salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer, a perfect traveling companion, Being hypoallergenic, she did not affect my husbands asthma. The energetic fur ball loved to chase mice and cuddle.


Later back in South Africa when our first born was turning 2 we got a big surprise when Ouma bought us our first love with fur, our first Miniature Schnauzer ,Chrisi... they are still the best of friends.


We then got Co-co before the birth of our second daughter. We then moved back to America and kept one of their baby's, Camo, our little American boy. From America to Canada the dog followed us back to South Africa (between lots of paperwork and flights). Co-co went for a walk exploring the Limpopo Sorabi  bush near Hoedspruit and never returned.


Months later we decided we need more Schnauzer love so we researched the breed to find our first GIANT - now living on a big farm near Baltimore in 2014, Candy, came to join our family and we were hooked!!!


Candy and her husband, Cola, both now retired, came from Lanstone schnauzers. In 2016 we were very fortunate to acquire 5 Lanstone Schnauzers and from there we were proud owners and living happily ever after the schnoozy way.


Our aim:

To (improve) the pure breed whether it is a working dog or a house dog. Showing South Africa their loving capabilities. You are not just getting a dog, it is a friendship, a life long commitment, which is not to be taken lightly.




Minette Louw

 South Africa


Background - Old Lanstone

I bought my first Schnauzer in 1999, and soon realized that this is the dog I would like to breed with. We also bought a male and a female from local breeders, and later imported a male Giant Schnauzer from Poland. To date we have eight Giants, – not only for breeding purposes, but also for their excellent watchdog capabilities.

Minette Louw

Story Time - old lanstone

Lanstone Giant Schnauzers is the product of my passion for animals. I started breeding dogs at a young age. Before the Schnauzers we bred with Bullmastiffs for 7 years.


I read an article on the giant schnauzer and decided this is the type of dog I would like to breed with. I bought my first giant schnauzer in 1999 and fell in love with the breed.


Minette Louw

Our list of imported and local female giant schnauzers used in our breeding program from Lanstone Schnauzer South African Breeder of Giant Schnauzers. Have a look at our puppy page to see the healthy giant schnauzer puppies from these select female giant schnauzers.



Lara Marlene

Previous bloodline - Lara was our female giant schnauzer. She got her name from the name Lazarus who was resurrected from the dead. When she was 8 weeks old she was so sick the vet gave up on her but could not wrap her in a towel. I held her in my arms and talked to her, she got better and as soon as all the tubes were removed I took her home. She was too weak to walk so I carried her with me. She lost her whole coat with a little bit of hair between the toes. She fully recovered and when she  was 4 years old she had a litter of 12.

Sylvia Santa Rosa

Previous bloodline - Sylvia was imported from California near Santa Rosa. Was a very energetic and always busy Female Giant Schnauzer.


Lansdell Mirella Zoe

Zoe is very protective of me. She has very such eyes.


Bride to Be Lulu

Previous bloodline - She was the Alfa pup in the litter. Whenever the puppies were allowed in the house she would take over. Run around the big, round table into the TV-room around the couch. Throw the toys, very energetic, we just could not let her go.


Lanstone asha anuli ( Donna)

Donna, daughter of Sylvia (imported from California), and, my beautiful beloved, late Brennorman Baron Rudolf. She is a beautiful dog with a lovely temperament.

Our Female Dogs

BorneoBelle Lucy

Juicy lucy, the youngest and most playful one. The one that will grab you around the waist with her paws and hug you and will not let go.


Genevieve (Sera)

Soft Mamma Bear. Loves to have her head on your lap.


Our Male Dogs

Our outstanding Male Giant Schnauzers,  imported from Poland and Germany.


These outstanding male Giant Schnauzers are key to our selective breeding program in South Africa and is sure to enhance the bloodline of all Giant Schnauzer puppies born from this line of Male Giant Schnauzers.




What you need to know

Fabrice van alteb kemp of Lanstone

Our Male, Fabrice, we imported him from Germany.  He is currently the only male we have.

Lubin Emir Modus Viveni

Previous bloodline. Lublin, was imported from Poland.




See how our pups have grown


Lutsn from Plettenberg Bay with 3 month old Ciska

21.03.15 - Minette



John walking Borgart to foot of the Mountain

21.03.15 -  Minette



Skia, from Cape Town, eager to save her human friend

21.03.15 -  Minette



People interested in Giant Schnauzers are invited to visit the farm. I will welcome you with

fresh coffee and home-made rusks.



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